Custom Investment Casting Foundry for Illinois


R2 Quality Castings is the premier investment casting foundry in Illinois. For over four decades, we have provided expert lost wax casting and rapid prototyping services to industrial, automotive and aerospace companies across the state. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility produces top-quality metal castings. Manufacturers in Illinois rely on us for superb fabrication materials to meet their exact production needs. 

Partnering with R2 Quality Castings gives you access to superior investment casting, finishing, polishing and rigorous quality verification. We work with a vast range of metals including carbon steel, tool steel, cobalt alloys, aluminum alloys and copper alloys.

When you require dependable, precision-crafted cast components, propellers or custom metal parts, choose R2 Quality Castings in Illinois. 

Illinois Precision Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Casting

R2 Quality Castings provides specialized precision investment casting for industrial and commercial clients throughout Illinois. Our expert casters use advanced lost wax methods to craft custom ferrous and non-ferrous metal components for each customer’s unique specifications. We also offer rapid prototyping to expedite manufacturing. Our combination of cutting-edge techniques, decades of experience and metalworking artistry ensures you’ll get parts cast precisely to your requirements. 

We provide exceptional investment casting services in the greater Chicago area and throughout the state of Illinois from our home base in Southeast Wisconsin.