Quality Verification Services for Precision Investment Castings

Non-Destructive Testing and Quality Assurance Programs

Quality Verification Testing for Investment CastingR2 Quality Castings offers rigorous testing to guarantee the reliability of precision investment cast components. Our wide range of quality verification and product testing services ensure customers receive only quality cast products that meet their intended function. Regardless of the application, every component from our foundry is carefully examined and inspected before final approval.

Quality Castings is ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

Static Balancing

  • Static balancing from our professional casting manufacturers ensures your precision investment cast propellers maintain or exceed specified balancing requirements. Imbalanced propellers can cause harmful vibrations and wear on boat parts such as lower gears or bearings. R2 Quality Castings uses static balancing regularly to ensure safe propeller operation.


  • We test our precision investment cast products for straightness to ensure readiness for use in further production. Straightening is especially important after heat treatment or die removal since these casted subjects are more prone to distortion. Our experienced manufacturers also correct twisting in vulnerable castings, further ensuring castings are ready for production or their intended applications.

Chemical Analysis

  • R2 Quality Castings offers chemistry testing and certification for precision investment cast components to meet specific chemical requirements. This includes physical property testing for elongation and tensile yield. Casting components manufactured and evaluated by R2 Quality Castings are durable and wear-resistant.

Visual Inspection of Every Product

  • At R2 Quality Castings, each precision investment cast component is individually inspected by trained specialists. Each component is ensured of perfect quality through the identification and correction of defects. Our inspection processes prevent dangerous and expensive problems in the future. 

Non-Destructive Testing

  • We offer non-destructive testing services, such as radiographic examination (x-ray), hardness, dye penetrant, and leak testing. R2 Quality Castings completes the specialized testing through partnership with non-destructive testing companies. All to ensure the final delivery of quality cast components for a variety of industrial applications.
Contact the quality verification and testing specialists at R2 Quality Castings today at 866-664-5443 for more information on our quality verification and nondestructive testing services.