Wisconsin Industrial Propeller Manufacturer

R2 Quality Castings is Wisconsin's choice for industrial propeller manufacturing. We have decades of experience producing high-quality, thoroughly dependable cast propellers for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Whether you’re looking for something run-of-the-mill or more unique, we can provide a propeller tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Industrial Propeller Capabilities

Industrial propellers are available in several custom and mass-produced shapes and sizes to meet the specific demands of unique industries.

  • Axial flow fans: used for moving gases in air and ventilation systems
  • Centrifugal fans: used for moving air radially in high-pressure air and material handling units
  • Marine propellers: used for maneuvering boats, ships and underwater vehicles
  • Mixing propellers: used for agitation, mixing and creating chemical reactions in liquids and slurries in chemical, food, beverage, wastewater and pharmaceutical processing
  • Process stirring propellers: used for agitation and mixing chemicals and substances in manufacturing
  • Wind turbine blades: used for wind energy generation
  • Gas turbine blades: used for high-temperature, high-pressure energy extraction with aircraft and power generation
  • Rushton turbine impellers: used for radial flow mixing applications such as liquid-gas mixing

We manufacture industrial propellers for a wide variety of applications. See our full inventory of propellers, ranging from diameters 3” to 20”.

Propeller Material Options

  • 300 & 400 series stainless steel
  • Precipitation hardening steels
  • Nibral
  • Bronze
  • Hastelloy
  • Alloy 20
  • Aluminum


Common Propeller Types We Manufacture

Wisconsin Precision Investment Casting Propellers

There are 3 major propeller types we manufacture for customers. Choosing which propeller type is best for your application can depend on the materials used and the purpose they were built.

  • 3-Blade MP Style Propellers
  • 2-Blade Weedless Propellers
  • 3-Blade Weedless Propellers


Popular Propeller Manufacturers We Work With


Quality Castings offers high-performance investment casted propellers from the major plant McMaster-Carr. With McMaster-Carr's commitment to excellence and Quality Castings' dedication to quality assurance, customers can trust in the reliability and performance of our propellers for their industrial and manufacturing needs.


We also source high-quality investment cast mixing propellers from the major distributor Grainger. Customers can rely on Grainger's propellers to meet their stringent performance and reliability standards.


Why Choose R2 Quality Castings to Create Your Industrial Propeller?

R2 Quality Castings has been creating precise investment castings for industrial propellers for decades. With unparalleled attention to detail and outstanding customer service, we listen carefully to your needs and work diligently to produce only the finest results for your unique application. Our technical resources, in-depth understanding of propellers, and experienced team deliver exceptional results you can count on.

Custom Propeller Engineering with Added Options

In addition to our propeller casting and product finishing and polishing capabilities, R2 Quality Castings possesses a wide selection of propeller molds and patterns well suited for many different applications. Our master precision investment casters can also utilize our parts engineering & manufacturing services if we don’t have the propeller mold or pattern you’re looking for.

Customization Option Examples

  • Static balancing
  • Clipped propellers for draft tube applications
  • Standard setscrew(s)
  • Straight, tapered, threaded and broached bores
Contact R2 Quality Castings for a propeller solution for your business.