Investment Casting Tooling

Precision Investment Cast Tooling Services

Precision toolingInvestment casting is one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques. It is most commonly used on copper, aluminum, and steel alloys, but almost any metal can be used. This makes investment cast tooling ideal for a variety of applications from small components to large airplane doors. Our methods in investment casting for foundries and manufacturers of precision cast products and assembly components ensure every component is made with consistent quality. R2 Quality Castings partners with industry-leading tooling professionals. We can meet any precision investment casting services specification or machining tolerance, no matter how complex or intricate your product may be. Our invest cast tooling services produce near net-shaped products where little machining is needed. This saves time, money, and materials. Our casting tooling services are manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers, ensuring the tightest tolerances are met and the product fulfills its intended use case.

R2 Quality Castings fabricates precision investment cast tooling for many industries. Investment casting is ideal for high-performance products, such as jet turbine blades and military applications. Whether you’re looking for small, low weight tooling or large, complex, and heavy components, depend on R2 Quality Castings for all your precision investment cast tooling needs or other specialty requirements.

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