Precision Investment Casting Services from Quality Castings

investment casting servicesR2 Quality Castings stands for exceptional precision investment casting, quality verification testing, and part design services. We have decades of combined experience in creating quality precision investment cast components for many different industries, including military applications, food processing, wastewater treatment, and more. Choosing an experienced and dedicated precision investment casting company is the difference when you need high-quality cast manufacturing components crafted to exact specifications.

Benefits of Investment Cast Component Manufacturing

Precision investment casting has many inherent benefits, including:

  • Finely detailed production of complex components
  • Reduced tooling and production costs
  • Wide range of material options including ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Minimal secondary machining needed


investment tooling

Our Investment Casting Services

Part Engineering

R2 Quality Castings offers precision investment cast products and exceptional part engineering and development services. We design to-scale models and prototypes for various industries using CAD/CAM and SolidWorks. Various parts can be engineered using several processes including 3D printing and wax injection molding. We can produce functional prototypes for testing and evaluation upon request in a rapid fashion.

Tooling & Prototype Casting

Our advanced precision investment cast tooling options ensure the highest quality products for OEMs, manufacturing companies, and machine production centers. R2 Quality Castings has superior rapid prototype engineering and development services intended to provide our customers with fully functional prototypes for production-intent development. When you need the highest quality near-net-shaped precision investment cast components, R2 Quality Castings is your best choice.

Quality Verification

Thorough quality verification of precision investment cast products is vital for ensuring total product quality and dependability. R2 Quality Castings offers a wide range of quality verification services including:

We will ensure every precision cast component is carefully inspected, tested and approved before you receive your final product.

Value Added Services

R2 Quality Castings provides an extensive array of supplementary casting services to enhance the precision investment cast products for our clients. Whether you require heat treating to bolster product strength, precision CNC machining, compositional chemistry testing, non-destructive testing, or various finishing and testing services, you can depend on R2 Quality Castings as your premier destination for top-tier precision investment casting services.


Why Choose Quality Castings for Precision Investment Castings?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Quality Castings can be your go-to investment casting manufacturer for intricate parts. Our diverse array of quality assurance and product testing services guarantees that customers receive only high-quality cast products that fulfill their intended purposes. Irrespective of the application, each component from our foundry undergoes thorough examination and inspection before final authorization.

We create parts within tight tolerances, up to 1” plus or minus .010“, and plus or minus .003” for every additional inch up to 10.”

Investment Casting Materials We Work With

The Quality Casting Manufacturing Process

R2 Quality Castings utilizes a liquid argon blanketing system with all of our precision investment cast components. This super-cooled liquid layer protects molten steel from the harmful effects of oxygen and hydrogen, greatly reducing or even negating the chances for pitting and porosity while preserving the superb quality of our cast components. Most other precision investment casting companies don’t take the time and energy needed to utilize supercooled liquid argon in their manufacturing process, resulting in subpar products.

From production runs of 1 to 5,000 components, assembly and manufacturing companies who choose to partner with R2 Quality Castings will find their needs exceeded every time with every part.

Contact the best precision investment casting company today at 866-664-5443 for more information on our exceptional precision investment casting, product development, and testing services. We offer investment casting to clients out of Wisconsin, Illinois and nationwide.