Carbon Steel from Wisconsin Investment Casting

Carbon steel architecture

Traditional ‘Wear-and-Tear’ Precision Casting Components

Crafted from iron and carbon fused together, carbon steel is the smart choice for products needed in strength and durability. Depending on the carbon-level, most steel works with heat treatment. Carbon steel is also relatively inexpensive, proving its worth several times over.

Whether you need electrical components, architectural pieces, or other industrial elements, Quality Castings provides all of the above. Look to our varied services for investment casting, including tooling, CNC machining, part design, and much more.

Varying Degrees of Carbon Steel  

Ranging from low to ultra-high levels of carbon, our steel material works with all sorts of shapes, sizes, and tolerances. Depending on how much strength and malleability your component requires, consider our offered types of carbon steel:  

Low-carbon – not as strong and easily forms ‘stretch marks’

Medium-carbon – strong enough in durability and great for large components

High-carbon – super strong and perfect for supportive components

Ultra-high-carbon – extremely hard, but must be handled with care

Alloy Advantages & Disadvantages

Carbon steel brings both benefits and disadvantages when crafting precision components. Be sure to know which properties are needed most for your casted piece.

The steel material includes benefits such as:

  • Stronger with heat treatment
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily malleable
  • Relentlessly durable

 Minor setbacks include: 

  • Brittle
  • Rusts easily

Endless Applications for Carbon Steel

Carbon steel can be applied to several industries; proving easy modification and flexibility.

Industrial applications include: 

  • Motor
  • Electrical
  • Fence installation
  • Kitchenware
  • Architecture

Quality Castings provides carbon steel, ductile iron, and other alloys for whatever component you need. Our investment casting specialists work tirelessly, giving you the results you want at a reasonable price. Check out our precision casting success gallery for a look at our custom-crafted finished projects.

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