Investment Casting Materials

R2 Quality Castings caters to the challenges of producing advanced parts from various materials. With a proven team and track record of successful projects, we have the expertise to replicate parts to your specifications. We can help you determine the right material for your application and budget. Contact us to get your next project started.

Investment Casting Material Options from R2 Quality Castings

We utilize 9 different materials to produce a wide range of part sizes with accuracy. Browse our list of ferrous and non-ferrous metals below.

Precision Casting for All Major Industries

Quality Castings services clients in over 12 different industries.

Why Choose R2 Quality Castings for Investment Castings?

As a company certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, Quality Castings is ready to be your preferred investment casting manufacturer for intricate parts. Our quality assurance and product testing services ensure customers receive cast products of the highest quality, tailored to their specific requirements. Regardless of the application, every component undergoes meticulous examination and inspection at our foundry before receiving final approval.

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