Ductile Iron for Precision Casting

Strong Enough for Shaping, Tough Enough for Long-Termdurable casting iron chains

Ductile iron is a ferrous alloy and increases the durability, reliability, and safety of precision cast components compared to other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Most cast irons are brittle, but due to its nodular graphite inclusions, ductile iron is much more resistant to impact and fatigue. Characteristics of ductile iron include:

  • High Strength
  • High Ductility - ability to deform under tensile stress
  • Resistance to Shock


Advantages of Ductile Iron Components

Because our process allows metal to anneal, precision cast ductile iron can be bent, twisted or deformed without fracturing. Ductile iron shares the strength and durability found in typical grades of steel, but shares the design flexibility and low-cost characteristics of gray iron.

  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Low-Cost Casting

Characteristics of Ductile Iron


Ductile iron is one of the most ductile of all types of cast iron.


Modulous of elasticity of ductile iron is higher than gray iron and a little lower than cast steel.

Yield Strength

Yield strength of ductile iron is higher than gray iron and some grades of cast steel. High yield strength creates a high safety factor in thermal stress or load bearing applications. High modulous of elasticity and high yield strength provides a high safety factor.

Tensile Strength

The cast strength of ductile iron starts around 60,000 psi and tops out around 100,000 psi.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of ductile iron is at least equal to cast steel. Advantages include its neutrality to alkaline brines. Ductile iron also shows resistance to concentrated sulfuric acid and steam condensate.

Heat Resistance

High temperature strength of ductile iron is comparable to cast steel at around 800°F.

Impact Resistance

Ductile iron has a good impact resistance and is dependant on the degree of ferritization in the microstructure. For example, if the ductile iron is highly ferritic, it will have a high impact resistance rating.

Wear Resistance

Wear resistance of ductile iron is comparable to cast gray iron.

Versatile Material for Industrial Applications

Besides being extremely durable, ductile iron is versatile in its own way. Suitable for several industries, ductile iron is the perfect material for casting. Precision iron casting works well for the following applications:

  • Wind power
  • Water & sewer
  • Automotive

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