Conflict Metals Policy

Precision investment caster pouring a moldQuality Castings will not knowingly purchase or use in our production, any materials found to be contrary to the Conflict Metals Law.

We have sent the EICCGeSIDD template-rev2.03a to all of our metal suppliers and registered on the iPoint Conflict Minerals Program. Those suppliers who have not completed and returned the EICCGeSIDD template-rev2.03a form to Quality Castings, will be eliminated from our approved supplier list.

Quality Castings will not use any supplier that does not conform to the Conflict Minerals Law. If any vender supplies Quality Castings with minerals found to be banned in the law, they will immediately be returned for credit. Should any supplier repeatedly send Quality Castings material in conflict with the law, they will be removed from our approved supplier list.

Contact the precision investment casting company for more information regarding our policies or services.