Precision Investment Casting for Manufacturing and Assembly

Industries Our Wisconsin Casting Foundry Serves


Propeller Casting and Production Castings

R2 Quality Castings is a leading precision investment casting company specializing in the production of cast propellers for the food preparation, waste water treatment, and slurry aeration industries, but we also engineer and fabricate precision investment cast products for countless industries and applications.

Whether you need precision investment cast components for your production facility, manufacturing center, or finished product OEM, R2 Quality Castings will engineer, cast, and provide quality verification services for your custom cast components. From precision cast firearm components for the military, powerful aeration propellers for water treatment and industrial mixing, or investment cast tooling, depend on the expert precision investment casters at R2 Quality Castings for your production and casting needs.

Investment Cast Nodular Iron, Ductile Iron

Just like cast iron, ductile iron (or nodular iron) provides high strength, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, and machinability. Unlike cast iron, ductile iron eliminates the brittleness that plagues cast iron. Due to its workability, lost wax casting ductile iron can be engineered for almost any application or industry, including military, automotive, and marine.

Below is a short list of the industries we serve:

Military Equipment

Military equipment precision investment casting and tooling services for vehicles, firearms, and other heavy-duty military grade equipment. Precision investment casting utilizes a wide range of alloys, for specific casting needs for military equipment.

Our advanced precision investment tooling ensures durable components for heavy-duty equipment, firearms, and vehicles. The investment caster experts at R2 Quality Casting pour the perfect component for military machinery to provide years of dependability.

Industrial Mixing

R2 Quality Castings provides precision investment cast propellers for industrial mixing applications in many different industries. The 3-blade MP style propeller, 2-blade weedles, and 3-blade weedless propellers are commonly used in industrial mixing. R2 Quality Castings engineers custom propeller molds to shape our dependable cast propellers. These propeller molds are suited for many industrial mixing applications.

Food Prep

R2 Quality Castings creates high quality production, assembly, and mixing components for the food preparation industry. We specialize in the manufacture of OEM components for food preparation and a wide variety of other industrial applications.

Dependable precision investment casting utilizes a wide range of alloys, enabling industrial companies to decide the exact material composition of their products. Our advanced precision investment tooling ensures high quality products for the food preparation industry.

Marine Life

Prototype casting and production tooling for marine propellers for major manufacturers. R2 Quality Castings provides a wide selection of investment cast marine propellers, including 3, 4, or 5-blade.

R2 quality castings produces durable the lost wax investment casting method. We will engineer a specialized propeller if we do not already have the propeller pattern suited for your needs.

Wastewater Plant

Precision investment cast propellers are an integral component of waste water treatment facilities. R2 Quality Castings specializes in the engineering, casting, and finishing and polishing services for the custom propellers you need for your business. The 2-blade and 3-blade weedless propellers are designed for wastewater treatment. These propellers deal with stringy or solid materials capable of ensnaring or damaging a standard propeller.

Plumbing Fixtures

Custom engineered precision investment cast plumbing fixtures, manufacturing fixtures, and more. Dependable plumbing fixtures must be reliable for years of continuous use. R2 Quality Castings plumbing castings experts pour high quality fixtures for manufacturers of plumbing components. Our casting engineering services allow our casting professionals to create the specific fixture for your exact plumbing needs.

Construction & Mining Equipment

Precision investment casting services for machinery components and vital equipment for the construction and mining industry. Ferrous and non ferrous alloys provide customers with a wide range of material choices for their products.

Precision investment casting is one of the best options for the manufacturing of construction and mining equipment. The expert investment casters at R2 Quality Casting pour the customer long lasting mining and construction equipment components.


Aeration propeller precision investment casting with many different propeller design options for multiple industries, such as the food processing and production sector. The 2-blade and 3-blade weedless propeller are commonly used for aeration. Both propellers are built with a “full” blade design for increased ductwork efficiency. These blades are designed to deal with stringy material.

Artwork Casting

Trophies, awards, and custom cast products for many applications. R2 Quality Castings has fabricated awards for major league baseball teams and produced custom precision investment cast products for artists.

Our experts cast everything from mass produced decorative sculptures to individual custom engineered sculptures. Near net shape casting allows our professional precision investment casters to pour casts with extraordinary detail.

Industrial Tool Manufacturers

Our precision investment cast tooling services enable R2 Quality Castings to produce near net shape tooling molds for our customers perfectly built to their exact specifications. Precision investment casting is an outstanding choice for the creation of precise industrial tools. Customers have a wide range of material choices for their industrial tool components, with our large selection of ferrous and nonferrous alloys. R2 Quality Casting experts pour the perfect component for industrial manufacturers to provide years of use with high quality machinery.

Agricultural Equipment

Machinery components, investment cast tooling engineering, and prototype production for tractors, farm equipment, and other mechanical components. Precision investment casting creates outstanding components for agricultural equipment. A large selection of alloys, ferrous and non ferrous, provide customers with a wide range of material choices. The professional investment casters at R2 Quality Casting pour the perfect component for their agricultural machinery to deliver dependable operation year after year.

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