Copper-Based Alloys for Custom Casting

Wisconsin Precision Casting Company with Top-Performing MetalCompetitive race care engine with copper-based alloy

Copper-based alloys are metal alloys with copper as the main component. The most valuable benefit in the material is the strong resistance to corrosion. It is also versatile in its applications, making it one of the best alloys to craft machinery components for use in all industries.

Quality Castings is your copper investment casting foundry for custom prototypes, artwork, propellers, and more. We craft every component with extreme care and expertise. Discover why customers trust us for all of their intricate and tight-tolerant needs when you order custom-cast copper-based parts.

Hard-Hitting Benefits of Copper

Copper-based alloys are the perfect choice for parts requiring strength and anti-corrosion along with an appealing outer appearance. These qualities pay-it-forward towards important industries, especially those with flawless component expectations.

Advantages in opting for a copper-based alloy include: 

  • Corrosion-resistance
  • High durability
  • Conducive to heat & electricity
  • Excellent appearance after polishing, finishing, etc.
  • Cost-effective

Industries Trust Copper Alloy Casting

Copper-based alloys find their place among dozens of commercial industries and serve them best when incorporated into mechanical components. The corrosion-resistant and conductive properties of copper are vital to many types of machinery which deal with high heat and electricity in order to function properly.

Industries positively affected by copper-based alloy application include:

  • Aerospace- landing gear & structural parts 
  • Competitive racing- engine components
  • Plumbing- pipe fittings & fixtures
  • Tooling- plastic molding
  • Electronics- high- or low-frequency telecommunications
  • Mixing- impellers, static mixers, turbines, etc.
  • Marine- propellers & fixtures 

Precision Prototypes & Components from Quality Castings

Wisconsin’s best investment casting company works with consumers of all kinds, ensuring their needed components are crafted to the highest caliber of excellence. Whether you need a small tooling piece or require an intricate part for a large machine, Quality Castings is the manufacturer for the job. From propeller finishing to lost wax art, we have the right tools and technology to create the right attachment based on your custom specifications.

Browse our assortment of artwork, firearms, propellers, and plumbing pipes from our casted finished products photo gallery. The amount of craftsmanship and care is clearly evident in each completed project. Look to Quality Castings for your next component today!

For copper-based alloy components and other available metals, contact Quality Castings now.