Quality Crafted Aeration Propellers

Gaining Some Air with Mixing IndustryAeration propellers

Our Wisconsin investment casting technicians manufacture propellers for numerous industries and jobs, including aeration, or simply, air circulation. Aeration is important in mixing oxygen with other ingredients or materials. Soil, foods, and liquids are the main substances coming into contact with aeration propellers.

Quality Castings understands the importance of aeration and the reason behind the process. We use only the best materials makes for optimal propeller performance. Our aeration propellers withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Don’t settle for weak propellers; our metal casting technicians are the most experienced in their craft, creating custom components and reliable parts for aeration needs.

Benefits of Aeration Propellers

It doesn’t matter the type of substance, aeration propellers prove beneficial in different ways.

A few of the many advantages include: 

  • Increased efficiency in mixing and blending
  • Resistant to blade failure due to solids and stringy material
  • Eliminates material build-up on propeller

Quality Castings’ Wisconsin services provides 2- and 3-blade weedless propellers, perfectly built for aeration functions. Both propellers are built in “full” blade for open liquid uses, or a “clipped” design for increased ductwork efficiency. Our professionally-crafted components withstand the toughest conditions, making your job that much easier.

Quality Castings Successful in Applicable Industries

Our custom cast propellers are ideal for a variety of applications and industries.

Aeration propellers are commonly used for:

No matter the application or amount of mixed substances, our aeration propellers work at maximum performance. Regulating oxygen is an important factor in food prep, water environmental, and other industries. We are your go-to source for aeration needs, providing effective products every time.

Contact the Wisconsin aeration propeller casting specialists at Quality Castings for a quote today.