Grainger Propellers

aluminum and stainless steel propellers precision investment casting distributed by Grainger

Quality Castings' world-class casting foundry in Wisconsin develops precison investment casted mixing propellers  for industry leading companies. Our high-performance investment casted propellers are available through major distributors like Grainger

Quality Casting Mixing Propellers At Grainger

Our lost-wax casting process is guarunteed to build industrial grade, high-performance propellers that can be used in a variety of applications.

Investment cast propeller styles include:

    aluminum and stainless steel propellers precision investment casting

  • 3-Blade MP Style
  • 2-Blade Weedless
  • 3-Blade Weedless

We also cast unique customized propellers such as

  • 4-Blade Propellers
  • 5-Blade Propellers 
  • Fixed-Pitch Propellers 
  • Controllable-Pitch Propellers

Grainger is one of our top distributors, you can find our ferrous and non-ferrous alloy casted propellers on their website as well. 

Ferrous alloy casted propellers include our Stainless steel mixer propellers that are incredibly resistant to corrosion and extreme heat, making them ideal for rigorous mixing uses.  

precision investment casting stainless-steel & aluminum propellers nationwide Non-ferrous alloy casted propellers include our Aluminum mixer propellers. Aluminum propellers are lightweight, flexible, and sturdy, most appropriately used in light duty mixing applications.

Quality Castings provides lost-wax casting for left-handed & right-handed propellers. To determine whether you need a left- or right-hand propeller, view your current propeller from the side. If it's a left-handed propeller, the blades will point up adn to the left. If it's a right-handed propeller, the blades will point up and to the right. Left-handed propellers are more common. 
Contact us for more information on our high-quality investment casted propeller blades, or go to Grainger and browse stainless-steel and aluminum propeller options.