R2 Quality Castings Facility and Capital Equipment Expansion

New Precision Investment Casting Capital Equipment

R2 Quality Castings has recently obtained a brand new 500lb capacity Mark 8 steel frame melting furnace from Pillar Induction. Melting furnaces from Pillar Induction have long been recognized throughout the precision investment casting industry for their reliability, sturdy construction, and consistently dependable operation.

Investment casting equipment

We have also recently obtained a new Pacific Kiln investment cast shell burnout furnace. This new furnace will enable our precision investment cast specialists to increase our production capacity while ensuring we continue to deliver the high quality precision investment cast products we have built our reputation on.

As environmental restrictions and regulations have increased, so has the demand for clean and efficient kiln systems. Our new Pacific Kiln investment cast shell furnace features a powerful afterburner system capable of burning off any potentially harmful smoke or exhaust released in the melting process, ensuring our facility remains environmentally friendly and maintains adherence to local and state codes.

R2 Quality Castings Property and Casting Facility Expansion

R2 Quality Castings is proud to announce our recent purchase of the lot adjacent to our precision investment casting facility. This new land will serve as a building spot for our expanded offices and warehouse in the coming year. By moving our offices and warehouse of out of casting facility, R2 Quality Castings will be able to better serve our customers and greatly expand our casting, part design, and investment cast product finishing capabilities.


Contact the precision investment casting experts at R2 Quality Castings today for more information on our wide range of investment casting services and the difference we can make for your manufacturing or product assembly business.

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