Precision Investment Cast Propellers for Mixing and Aeration

Industrial Propeller Fabrication Process

Precison Investment Cast PropellerFrom chemical and food production to waste processing, mixing and aeration propellers are critical components for many industrial applications. These high-performance components must operate in hostile conditions under constant physical stress without succumbing to failure. R2 Quality Castings’ investment casting method creates the most consistent, durable, and long-lasting industrial propellers for your high-demand operations. We design, create and test these industrial propellers rigorously in our unbeatable propeller fabrication process.

Precision Investment Casting Process for Propellers

R2 Quality Castings casts industrial propellers using a highly refined process known as precision investment casting. This near-net casting method uses lost wax molds to create mixing and aerating props with little to no need for additional machining except to bore out the hub to fit the propeller to your shaft.

First, an aluminum mold is created according to the detailed specifications dictated by the propeller design.  Next, our high-powered press pushes industrial grade wax into the mold, filling the entire cavity and creating a detailed wax replica of the final propeller. We repeat this process as necessary until there is one wax model per piece ordered. Next, we place these wax pieces on a tree and coat them with a series of sand and slurry dips. When this mixture dries, we put the entire mold into a high-temperature furnace, burning away the excess wax to leave a cavity in the exact shape of the final propeller.

R2 Quality Castings pours molten steel, aluminum, bronze or other alloys into these molds. When the metal cools and solidifies, we break away the mold to reveal an almost market-ready product.  After removing the sprue, boring the hub to your specific dimension to within .002” and giving you your specified finish your custom aeration/mixing propellers are complete. The only step left is to absolutely ensure the quality of these products.

Propeller Casting Quality Verification

R2 Quality Castings performs detailed visual and spectrographic testing of your industrial mixing propellers.  Propellers for aeration and mixing must undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance in your industrial application.

Instead of batch testing, we visually check each and every prop, rejecting and correcting any irregularities. Each propeller must fall within your specified dimensional tolerances or it is not shipped. Our individualized non-destructive testing process eliminates the chance of shipping a misshapen propeller. 

Alloy composition is extremely important for your propellers, especially in corrosive or high-temperature conditions. Incorrect alloys can make propellers susceptible to warping, breaking or corrosion and risking expensive failures.  R2 Quality Castings uses a brand new SPECTROMAX-x spectrometer to analyze the exact composition of your machine parts. This technology gives R2 Quality Castings the ability to absolutely ensure these propellers are cast to your exact specifications.

Whatever metal parts you need cast, look no further than R2 Quality Castings’ lost wax foundry. The best propellers for industrial mixing and aeration are made using our precision investment casting method. This time-tested casting process is proven to create superior cast parts at excellent prices.

Contact the propeller casting experts at R2 Quality Castings today and discover the superior results of our precision investment casting service.

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