Industrial Tooling from Wisconsin Investment Casting Company

Manufacturing Reliable Components for Tough Jobs

Tools are needed in any industry imaginable, making it a very essential commodity in today’s world. They are the mold for the construction claw or the blade in the jet turbine; small or big components for everyday use.

Known as the oldest technique of metal forming, investment casting tooling works with specific metals, such as, but not limited to:

  • Copper
  • Steel alloys
  • Aluminum

Quality Castings excels in manufacturing tools for several industries, all custom-crafted with special attention to detail. Our investment casting experts work with the latest machining technology, guaranteeing durable tools for any requirement. Expect nothing but top quality tools from our casting services; the right components to finish any job.

Investment Casting Tooling Benefits Moving PartsTools for Industrial Applications

Purchasing any part from a company manufacturer only goes so far, as they’re incapable of producing measureable results. Make the most out of your needed production part with our professional-grade products, custom-built to your specifications with a guaranteed promise of saving you time and money.

Benefits of Quality Castings’ investment tooling include:

  • Little machining, producing near net shape tools
  • Crafts components with tight tolerances
  • Applicable in several industries
  • Builds to exact specifications
  • Manufactures small or large components

Crafting Tool Applications

Job-specific components are always in high demand, due to the shape complexity; however, not all manufacturers promise the best results. Quality Castings manufactures parts used for dozens of applications, reliable enough in successfully completing the task. No matter the size or use, our precision investment casting process delivers to the highest level.

Industries suited for our custom-manufactured tools include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Aerospace – jet turbine blades, molds for interior panels
  • Automotive – machine parts for steering wheels, mold for seat belt tongue plate
  • Medical – machining for fine hard wire cutters
  • Military – mold for firearm components
  • Construction – machining for crane parts
  • Household – plastic injection mold for chair parts

Look no further for your industrial tooling needs; Quality Castings raises the bar on manufacturing performance every time.

Contact our industrial tooling manufacturers at Quality Castings today for more information.