Propeller Cavitation Solutions

Broken Propellers? Quality Castings is Here to HelpPropeller Cavitation

Cavitation happens to propellers underwater when air bubbles form on the blades, similar to ventilation, suck air into the propeller. Cavitation and ventilation are both bad for propeller blades; mostly because they cause physical damage and make the propeller vibrate, causing redused efficiency.  

If your propellers have been damaged by cavitation, call the experts at Quality Castings. Our team of professionals take great pride in exceptional precision investment casting, quality verification testing, and part design services. Choosing an experienced and dedicated precision investment casting company can make all the difference when you need high-quality propellers crafted to your exact specifications.

Precision Investment Casting Assistance

Quality Castings provide assistance with precision investment cast part design and development. We can work with various computer systems to design a unique and fully functional prototype through our rapid prototyping development services, and thoroughly test your prototype with our quality verification services.

Some of the design software we work with include:

  • CAD/CAM and Solidworks
  • Scale Part Model Production
  • 3D Printing Prototypes
  • Wax Injection Molding

If you’re interested Quality Castings’ professional casting services, call us today to get a quote.

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