Precision Cast Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you need indoor or outdoor plumbing fixtures, the quality in plumbing components must be present. Varying types of plumbing fittings pave the way for traveling liquid or gas substances, providing a seamless transition from one place to another.

Common Fixtures and Fittings for Plumbing Demands

quality casting plumbing component

Quality Castings is a reliable source for durable plumbing components, and offers all kinds of shapes and sizes of piping. Depending on where you want the route to go, locating the perfect part starts with our plumbing fixture casting technicians.

Common pipe fittings include:

  • Elbow- installed for changing the direction of flow, the elbow pipe forms a 45- or 90-degree angle 
  • Tee- most common plumbing component, made to combine or split flow
  • Cap- stops flow and functions as a plug, covering the end of the pipe
  • Valves- made in several types of shapes, valves either stop or promote flow
  • Union- connects two pipes together and allows for quick disconnection for repairs or replacement
  • Cross-shaped like a cross, this pipe allows 1 material in and 3 out, or vice versa

Plumbing Components for Sewage and Greywater Removal

Keeping our water sanitary is essential to protecting society’s health and well-being. The continuous cycle of processed water requires meticulous attention to detail and care. Our reliable plumbing fixtures are the main factor in keeping the flow steady and safe.

Common piping in managing wastewater include:

  • Sanitary Tee- tee with curved section, made for connecting horizontal drains to vertical drains
  • Sweep Elbow- shows a small curve, promoting less flow resistance and blockage
  • Trap Primer- created to keep sewer gas out of buildings, trap primers act as a unique valve to prevent backflow
  • Clean-Outs- allows drain access without having to take apart the piping
  • “Y” Fitting- named after its shape, the pipe has 3 openings that either creates or joins together branches

Investment Casting for Custom Plumbing Components

Our advanced precision investment cast tooling options ensure the highest quality products for OEMs, manufacturing companies, and machine production centers. R2 Quality Castings also provides superb rapid prototype development services intended to provide customers with fully functional prototypes for production and development. When you need the highest quality near net shaped precision investment cast components, there is no better choice than R2 Quality Castings.

Creating Custom Plumbing Parts for Better Flow

Quality Castings surpasses any other casting competitor, adhering to a ‘back-to-basics’ mentality. Dating back several thousands of years, investment casting proves a secure source for custom-made plumbing components. It is also the oldest known form of manufacturing techniques. Let our custom casting technicians take care of all of your plumbing component needs.

Contact Quality Castings for durable plumbing and piping components today.