Investment Casting Quality Control with New Spectrometer

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Steel Sprectrometry Testing Madison

Spectrographic Quality Control Ensures Adherence to Specifications

Quality verification for investment cast products is a critical step in the manufacturing process. R2 Quality Castings has recently added a new Spectromaxx spectrometric metal analysis machine for precise alloy composition testing. This atomic emission spectrometer uses an electric arc to vaporize samples of steel and other alloys, analyzing the resulting light emissions with an extremely sensitive mass spectrometer. This device creates a precise measurement of the alloy’s composition, ensuring complete consistency with your equipment specifications.

Precision investment casting produces precise machine parts for high performance applications. R2 Quality Castings understands the extreme importance of strict adherence to material specifications. Alloys are carefully designed for effective operation, machine compatibility and failure prevention. Many machine parts are vulnerable to failure if their chemical composition does not lie within a very precise set of parameters.  This Spectromaxx spectrometer is an effective tool designed for precise and rigorous quality control testing services on each and every precision investment cast product from R2 Quality Castings.

Contact the investment casting quality control experts at R2 Quality Castings today at 866-664-5443 for outstanding investment casting services with detailed quality control.
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