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Custom Fixturing Fabrication with Precision Investment Casting

Fixtures are a vital tool for manufacturing and developing products for a variety of industries and applications. Fixturing systems enable assembly lines and product fabricators to position and set up their products with ease, simplifying the assembly process and keeping workstations safe. Whether your company uses fixtures to support parts for inspections, the machining process, or during assembly, possessing dependable and custom-made fixtures make all the difference between quick and accurate assembly and production-slowing issues.

R2 Quality Castings can produce both modular fixturing and dedicated fixturing systems for a plethora of applications. Our exceptional value added precision investment casting services allow our master casters to engineer, fabricate, and thoroughly test your custom fixtures, ensuring they meet your specifications while maintaining strict quality. We have the capability to create fixtures for many applications, including jig grinding and CNC machining systems.

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