Cast Lincoln Bust

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Abraham Lincoln Precision Cast Bust 

This cast bust of Abraham Lincoln is an excellent example of the quality craftsmanship and lifelike renderings our team of precision investment casting specialists at R2 Quality Castings is capable of producing. We created lifelike textures with incredible detail and accuracy by using near-net casting and a variety of alloys.

R2 Quality Castings began the process by fabricating a wax prototype. This prototype was then used to create a detailed mold. After the precision investment casting process is completed, we provide comprehensive quality verification services, guaranteeing each piece looks great and will last for many years.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our precision investment casters work diligently to create the most lifelike statues, intricate trophies, and striking sculptures.

This Lincoln statue showcases the precision of our near-net casting services in the small details of the clothing and accurate facial structure. Our precision investment casting foundry in Milwaukee Wisconsin has the capability to create custom bronze statues, bronze sculptures, or any other metal artwork you can think of. 

From industrial mixing equipment to fine art projects, our reliable precision investment casting specialists are committed to providing quality products and components every time. Whether you need 1 to 1,000 components made, or need a specialty casting, contact R2 Quality Castings for superior casting services.

Contact the precision investment casters at R2 Quality Castings for your custom fabrication needs.