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Lost Wax Casting from the Best in Wisconsin

Lost wax casting, also known as precision investment casting, requires the use of molds fabricated with wax and other substances that are easily melted. With our wide array of multi-ton presses and team of casting professionals, R2 Quality Castings is able to efficiently produce an incredibly diverse range of dimensions and sizes for your investment cast products. 

We possess the necessary capabilities for designing and manufacturing close tolerance near net shaped precision cast products for many different applications with a wide variety of alloys, including:

Our advanced precision investment cast tooling options ensure the highest quality products for OEMs, manufacturing companies, and machine production centers.

Get Cast Components Manufactured with Care

The precision investment casters at R2 Quality Castings have been providing a wide variety of industries with top quality castings and custom products for decades. Our dedicated team has a wide range of abilities to fabricate whatever product you need – from small plumbing components to large pieces of fine art.

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