Burnout Furnace for Cast Shells

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Investment Casting Process Germantown

Investment Cast Shell Burnout Furnace Produces Superior Precision Investment Casting Solutions

R2 Quality Castings uses Pacific Kiln furnaces, the industry-leading investment casting manufacturer, to harden casts prior to pouring molten metal.  This high-grade oven superheats each mold, solidifying their unique structure and completely burning out any wax or foam which may be left behind, ensuring each cast product we produce attains near net shape. The exclusive industrial furnace process prevents rupture or explosion of the mold once the several-thousand-degree metal is poured.  Our professional molding experts have decades of combined experience in creating the highest quality molds for a wide range of investment cast components. From CNC machining services to custom fixturing fabrication, R2 Quality Castings covers all your precision investment casting needs.

Contact the precision investment casting experts at R2 Quality Castings today for more information on our investment casting production and manufacturing services.
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