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Custom Lost Wax Molds Racine

Lost Wax Casting Mold from Precision Investment Casters

Expertly crafted, this custom wax casting mold was designed and engineered by R2 Quality Castings for their investment cast manufacturing processes. Once the wax investment cast component has been produced, the burnout shell is crafted around it, allowing for near net shape casting of any part. After hardening, the investment cast wax is burned out and molten metal is poured into the cast. Once the custom cast has cooled and given enough time to solidify it is and carefully broken and removed to reveal the final product. With rapid prototyping capabilities and detailed custom part design, you are guaranteed the best precision investment casting services in the industry. From plumbing components to decorative metal art casting and everything in between, R2 Quality Castings is your complete resource for investment cast component production.

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