Quality Verification of Precision Investment Castings

Quality Verification Ensures Quality Metal Cast Components

Investment Casting Quality VerificationQuality verification is an essential process at the end of precision investment casting. Parts for manufacturing, assembly and production companies must all be created based on very extensive specifications. Propellers, plumbing fixtures and machine parts, like gears, have very specific tolerances and must fit perfectly with surrounding mechanical components. Quality verification allows our precision investment casting company to provide the highest quality components which hold up under tough conditions and perform to the highest standards. This rigorous process allows us to guarantee reliability through careful examination, inspection, and approval. With quality verification, we can always ensure you’re getting the best casting components to meet your specific needs.

Precision Investment Casting Quality Verification Processes

There are multiple steps and processes in regards to precision investment casting quality verification. Static balancing is essential for quality verification of propellers, ensuring propellers spin symmetrically and safely. Propellers without static balancing risk functioning improperly and may cause vibrations which damage other boat components.

Straightening is another important part of quality verification where each casted component is examined for twisting and effectively corrected. Propeller shafts especially benefit from straightening as the shape and fit of the rod is extremely important to prevent excessive vibration and physical wear.

Visual inspections are a crucial part of the quality verification process to ensure nothing gets missed in other aspects of the process. Precision investment casting visual inspections are performed by trained specialists to identify any imperfections or problems.

Non-destructive testing or NDT is a process toward the end of investment casting quality verification. This rigorous assessment through non-damaging tests, like x-ray examination and leak testing, will reveal any final problems with each investment casting.

Alloy Analysis Provides the Ultimate Quality Assurance

High performance applications require a specific compilation of certain alloys to ensure durability of casting components. Alloy composition is carefully designed for each specific component to provide effective operation, compatibility with other machinery and failure prevention. Chemical certification is an extremely important aspect of quality verification to ensure the alloy chemical composition is perfectly balanced.

Spectrographic Quality Verification for Alloy Composition Testing

The SPECTROMAXx spectrometer uses a high powered laser to burn a sample of the metal and analyze the resulting light spectra. The analysis will confirm the percentage of the composition of each metal in the alloy and ensure the composition is balanced in regards to the equipment specifications. With chemical certification using the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer, our investment casting company can ensure your casting is perfect down to the molecular level. Every aspect of our quality verification process will allow us to guarantee the casting meets or exceeds all standards. With our precision casting verification process, you can be sure every casting you receive will be perfectly detailed, balanced and tested to ensure the most reliable, high quality plumbing, propeller and machinery components.

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