Precision Impeller Casting

Impeller Manufacturing and Prototyping from the Experts at Quality CastingsImpeller Casting Wisconsin

An impeller, also known as a rotor, is a rotating component of a centrifugal pump often times made of iron, steel, bronze, brass, or aluminum. It’s a vitally important component for many processing units as it pumps fluid outwards from the center of rotation and transfers into pressure inside the pump casing. Some applications for professionally-casted impellers include:

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Quality Impellers Designed and Built by the Best in the Industry

The precision investment cast designers at R2 Quality Castings use a wide range of design programs and platforms for our impeller designs. Our CAD/CAM software expertise includes SolidWorks for cast product design and development services, and computer-aided design programs allow precision impellers to be designed without wasting resources. You can see your custom cast impeller before production to ensure it is exactly what you need. 

By using our extensive part design and cast component production capabilities, you will receive a fully functional, high-quality prototype for implementation testing. Our quality verification service department will test your impeller prototype to determine any potential issues and provide recommendations for improvements. 

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