Custom Food Mixing Impellers & Finishes

Wisconsin Investment Casting Company Produces High-End Food Prep MixersImpellers for Food Preparation

Quality Castings specially casts food preparation mixers and impellers, which includes our custom finishing process for the best performance. The food prep industry must operate with precisely-crafted mixers to successfully carry out the designated task. As a professional investment casting company in Wisconsin, we build every food mixing impeller to our customer’s exact specifications – contact our Waukesha casting foundry today!

Food Mixer Finishes

Our Wisconsin investment casting foundry creates mixers used for all tasks in the food prep industry. For each task, there are different finishes that properly serve its purpose:

Mechanical Finish

A mechanical finish requires the use of abrasives to polish the metal. For this particular finish, the mixer component must be precise – whether used in dairy mixing or heat-activated procedures.

Mechanical finishing includes a detailed process, which includes:

  • Sandblasting: An abrasive way of smoothing down a rough surface
  • Grinding: The use of a grinding wheel, sharpening stones, or other tools to create a fine finish
  • Burnishing: The deformation of a surface caused by two objects rubbing against each other 
  • Polishing: Making a surface smooth and shiny by physically rubbing or applying a chemical

Chemical Finish

A chemical finish requires the use of chemical applications to smooth out professional mixing surfaces.

Our food prep mixer casting finishing process includes the following:

  • Passivation: Treatment given to impeller to prevent corrosion
  • Electropolishing: Process of removing contaminants by electrolyte bath, leaving a shiny finish
  • Pickle Passivation: Removal of scale, or descaling, which leaves a sparkling matte finish
  • Bead Blasted: A type of exfoliation using ceramic beads, dry ice, or glass to produce a soft matte finish

Aeration Propeller Investment Casting

Aeration propellers are used for ventilating air in industrial applications, including wastewater treatment, brewing, fish ponds, and food prep. Circulating oxygen is beneficial due to the constant movement of water, which regulates temperature and reduces algae growth.

Quality Castings crafts custom aeration propellers to fulfill industry-specific requirements. Our precision casting foundry focuses on every single component detail and finishes every product with a rigorous quality-verification testing process. Clients rely on our learned handling and expertise with all investment casting products.

Trust us in knowing that you will always receive quality in everything we do – it’s in our name.

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