Investment Casting for Food Preparation

Custom Food Mixing ImpellersFood Prep Impellers

R2 Quality Castings specializes in the manufacture of OEM components for food preparation. We create high quality production, assembly and mixing components for the food preparation industry. Our engineers have mastered the art of precision investment casting using a wide range of alloys. We are committed to customer satisfaction and consistently producing the highest quality impellers at fair prices, with quick turnaround times.

Our master precision investment casters can cast impellers for a variety of food processing machines and applications. We can custom create an impeller whether it weighs a ½ pound or over 50 pounds. Each component we manufacture is finely detailed, ensuring a quality product. From iron, steel, bronze, even aluminum – R2 Quality Castings will precision cast a highly detailed, dependable impeller.

High Quality Impeller Finishing

The finishing and polishing stage is a critically important step in the manufacturing of high quality custom food impellers. We offer a wide range of polishing solutions, from Roto-Dull finishing to the #4 Dairy Buff finish. The Dairy Buff finish is most often used in the food industry, due to its anti-bacterial properties. Our polishing and finishing services will have your impeller ready for use as soon as it’s delivered.

Precision Investment Casting Professionals

For over 40 years, R2 Quality Casting has been a leading manufacturer of precision cast components for a variety of industries. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best component casting services. From decorative bronze statues, to rapid prototype development, to NDT testing services; R2 Quality Casting produces superior components tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Food Industries Using Quality Casting Technology

Grocery stores benefit from food prep industry components

The food industry blankets over several avenues, and entrusts Quality Castings with durable and reliable food prep products. Ranging from school cafeteria programs to crop raising, our clients require perfectly crafted components in order to fulfill their industry’s expectations. Trust our casting engineers in manufacturing the right element for your food prep needs.

Popular industries utilizing our food prep casting components:

  • Education; food programs in public schools, colleges, and institutions
  • Wholesale/distribution; warehousing and logistics
  • Grocery; farmer and public markets
  • Agriculture; raising crops and livestock
  • Research and development; food technology

Whether your industry requires small or large food prep components, Quality Castings will create the perfect part. We guarantee top-notch craftsmanship in everything we make, building upon our clients’ trust and partnership.

Types of Finishes for Precision Casting Impellers

Once a food prep component is completed, a certain finish must coat the part for easy sanitation and cleaning. Different finishes have degrees of grit, or roughness, producing varying outcomes. In food prep, there are two families of finishes; mechanical and chemical. Mechanical finishes require the removal of material with abrasives. Grit sizes of 120 and finer are used for mechanical polishing. Chemical finishes are what they are, chemical treatments. Quality Castings offers a wide array of polishing types for any part in the food industry, guaranteeing top product with delicious results.

Mechanical Finishes

  • Mill Finish – Unpolished and dull, the finish never comes into contact with food. It’s part of the structural process of food prep equipment.
  • 2B Mill Finish – Smooth and widely used since it resists heat and corrosion.
  • No. 3 Finish – Semi-polished finish with a 120 grit abrasive.
  • No. 4 Finish – Polished, brushed surface with a 150 grit abrasive.
  • No. 4 Dairy/4A Finish – Short, polished brush lines with a 180 grit abrasive. The Dairy Finish is most commonly used for its antibacterial traits.

Chemical Finishes

  • Bead Blasted – Use of glass, ceramic beads, or dry ice blasted on the component to attain a soft, satin-like appearance. The finer the blasting, the more resistant to corrosion.
  • Passivation – Chemical treatment produces a film on the component, preventing corrosion.
  • Pickle Passivation – A descaling, or removal of scale, leaving a clean matte finish.
  • Electropolishing – Component is immersed in an electrolyte bath, removing all contaminants. The procedure leaves a mirror-like finish. 

Benefits of Quality Food Prep Equipment

Food preparation requires careful and extensive procedures, ensuring the quality of food is safe and edible. Well-built equipment makes such factors easily attainable, proving itself worth the investment. Quality Castings provides the industry with equipment components, crafted by the best precision casting specialists. Let us supply your company with built-to-last machine parts.

Several benefits in installing top-grade equipment include:

  • Prepares food correctly, eliminating risk of sickness and disease
  • Consistency in required cooking result/temperature
  • Saves money on continuously replacing cheap equipment
  • Good use of kitchen space, keeping a safe ‘flow’ of the area
  • Keeps everything clean and sanitary
  • Food business operates more efficiently and effectively

R2 Quality Castings knows how important reliable food prep equipment is in the industry. Feeding a significant population of people holds a weight on their shoulders, responsible in cooking healthy, great-tasting cuisine. Don’t settle for mediocre performance, our food prep casting experts will supply you durable components, helping your business stay appetizing.

Contact the custom impeller precision casting specialists at R2 Quality Castings today.