Propeller Casting

Custom Cast Propellers from Wisconsin Manufacturers

molten metal casting

R2 Quality Castings hand-casts high-performance propellers, impellers, and mixers, requiring close tolerance precision and extreme attention to detail. Our investment casting foundry specializes in custom cast 2- and 3-blade propellers and more for:




Completely Custom Propellers – from Mold to Prototype to Finish

We manufacture various parts of a propeller blade including:

  • Blade Number - Number of blades on a propeller
  • Blade Root - The area where the blade is attached to the hub
  • Blade Face - The pressure, or pitch side of the propeller
  • Blade Tip - The distance from the hub center to the top of the blade

Finished custom propellers must have the correct number of propeller blades, type of pitch, and surface finish. Quality Castings provides all of the above in our investment cast propeller manufacturing. No project is too big or too small – call us today for a free quote!



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