Propeller Pitch Classification

Custom Propeller Pitch from Wisconsin Investment Casting Company

custom propeller design

Propeller pitch is a propeller’s distance moved forward after one full rotation. The pitch is usually measured in inches. Aside from the number of blades, propellers are also classified by its diameter and pitch.

The most common type of propeller pitch that we work with includes:

Fixed Pitch

  • Manufactured from aluminum alloy – other metals can also be used
  • Sturdy in strength
  • High-speed performance
  • Affordable in cost

Quality Castings manufactures 2- and 3-blade propeller design - all armed with capabilities that exceed customer expectations. We serve dozens of industries, including food preparation, wastewater treatment, aeration, boating, mixing, and propulsion.

Constant Pitch

A constant pitch propeller changes according to the rotational speed and torque to maintain speed at a constant rate. Fast or slow, the propeller delivers power proportional to the current speed. Constant pitch propellers are mostly used on aircrafts and boats.

Progressive Pitch

A progressive pitch propeller starts at a low speed and slowly increases as the water flows towards the propeller’s trailing edge. Progressive pitch propellers can be found on boats and aircrafts.

Regressive Pitch

A regressive pitch propeller decreases its pitch from the leading edge to the trailing edge, which is commonly used on boats and varieties of aircraft.

Variable Pitch

The pitch of the propeller varies, no matter the chosen radius point. Variable pitch propellers are found on massive ships and aircraft.

Controllable/Adjustable Pitch

A propeller’s pitch at which the blade angle can be mechanically adjusted. Controllable pitch propellers are used on aircraft and marine boats.


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