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What is Investment Casting for Marine Propellers? 

Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, is the process of creating durable, high-quality and corrosion resistant metal parts. Marine propellers made by investment casting have better durability, drag reduction and corrosion resistance than marine propellers manufactured any other way. 


R2 Quality Castings has decades of experience producing superior investment castings for marine propellers with unbeatable precision and attention to detail.  


marine propeller investment casting manufacturer


Advantages of Investment Casting for Boat Propellers: 

  • Unbeatable Performance- Investment casting for marine propellers allows for intricate designs and precise control over the blade shape, pitch, and rake angles, resulting in:

    • improved performance & efficiency

    • better handling

    • reduced cavitation


  • Long Term Cost-Effectiveness- We manufacture marine propellers with investment casting to speed up your design and testing times and reduce your material waste and processing steps. There’s no better way to manufacture complex marine propeller designs than with the precision of investment casting. 


  • Complete Customization- We’ll tailor your investment casting to your specific boat type, boat size and performance requirements, manufacturing your marine propeller to deliver optimal results under your required conditions 


  • Smooth Surface Finish- Our investment casting process produces a smooth surface finish to reduce drag and let water flow smoothly over your marine propeller blades for improved performance 


  • Reduced Vibration and Noise- Our investment cast marine propellers reduce vibration and noise levels to make your boating experience more enjoyable


Propeller Replacement and Repair 

R2 Quality Castings repairs and replaces propellers damaged by propeller ventilation and propeller cavitation.


What is the Process of Investment Casting for Marine Propellers? 

Investment casting for marine propellers involves 10 steps. 

  1. Consultation- we take the time to learn your exact goals and needs for your investment cast marine propeller. 

  2. Pattern creation- we use wax to create an exact mold for your casting. 

  3. Making the mold- we coat your propeller mold in layers of ceramic slurry, which forms a shell we then use as a mold for the molten metal 

  4. Dewaxing- we heat and melt away the wax to get a perfect match of your propeller’s shape with our ceramic mold

  5. Preheating- we heat the ceramic mold to remove excess moisture and ensure heat tolerance 

  6. Casting- we pour the molten metal for your marine propeller into the preheated ceramic mold

  7. Cooling and solidification- we let the mold cool and solidify inside the ceramic mold, where the shape of the propeller blades and hub form

  8. Shell removal- we remove the ceramic shell to reveal your investment cast propeller 

  9. Finishing- we grind, polish and balance your propeller, taking care of any custom specifications so you get a flawless result 

  10. Quality inspection- we inspect your propeller for imperfections and defects to make sure we’ve produce the highest quality investment cast marine propeller available 


Let Us Create Your Ideal Marine Propeller with Investment Casting 

At R2 Quality Castings, we manufacture a variety of marine propeller types for a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking for the most fuel-efficient marine propeller, a controllable-pitch marine propeller, a quiet marine propeller or a custom investment cast marine propeller made from stainless steel, we’ll produce the perfect propeller for your needs with the finest materials for an affordable price.


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