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Metal Casting of Kudu Skull

Our art casting of a Kudu skull is a highly sought after cast sculpture by trophy hunters and African décor connoisseurs alike. Near net shape casting enables our precision investment casting experts to cast sculptures like the Kudu skull with extraordinary detail and beauty. This cast artwork is achieved by creating a wax prototype mold, which has a durable shell created around the wax casting. After the wax is melted away, a precise mold is ready for the sculpture casting process.

Our near net casting professionals create stunning artwork including trophies, statues, busts, and sculptures. All of our projects are performed with high-quality standards and the utmost attention to detail. R2 Quality Castings’ near net shape art casting makes our precision casting services excel above the rest.

Our precision investment casting services are also ideal for numerous industrial products besides artwork including plumbing fixtures, marine propellers, cooking appliances, and more. We also offer quality verification services including chemical tests, static balancing, and straightening to ensure your components are reliable and long lasting. Whatever your custom casting needs, trust R2 Quality Castings, the industry leader in precision investment casting.

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