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Precision Investment Casting for Plumbing Muskego

Precision Investment Casting for Plumbing Components

We cast a variety of custom plumbing components ranging from sink fixtures and u-pipes to toilet parts, shower fixtures, and more. When plumbing component manufacturers and distributors require the highest quality precision investment cast plumbing fixtures they turn to R2 Quality Castings. With decades of experience and a total dedication to providing our customers with the best investment cast fixtures, R2 Quality Castings is simply the best choice. Our cast component design services allow our staff of master casters to create the perfect component for your unique needs.

R2 Quality Castings also offers quality verification services to ensure maximum dependability of your cast products. Our non-destructive testing methods include static balancing, straightening, chemical analysis, and final product inspections. Partnering with R2 Quality Castings guarantees reliable and long-lasting modular fixtures and fixture systems regardless of your industry and application.

Contact the cast plumbing component production specialists at R2 Quality Castings today for more information on our plumbing fixture production capabilities.
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