Antique Firearm Casting

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Precision Investment Casting Brings Civil War Era Gun Back to Life

This classic single-shot Peabody rifle was recreated thanks to help from the precision investment casting specialists at R2 Quality Castings. The original molds for this antique weapon no longer existed, presenting a challenge to our engineers. We utilized the precision investment casting method to accurately create the metal components and bring this antique rifle back to life.

This Peabody rifle is an excellent replication of the original 1862 model and is fully functional. From the intricate details of the outside hammer to the accurately cast gun barrel, the finished antique Peabody rifle amazed both historians and gun enthusiasts.

Wisconsin resident Frank Wierus and many other antique gun admirers had been calling for a replication of this historical weapon. Mr. Wierus was able to register the original manufacturer of the Peabody rifle, the Providence Tool Company, bringing the classic name back into existence. The magazine Guns of The Old West took notice of the finished masterpiece and featured the Peabody in an extensive article. They also provided beautiful photos of the antique rifle.

Investment Casting for Master Craftsmanship

Quality Castings, along with investment casting services, provides masterfully-crafted custom art pieces for whatever you need to be made or restored. We provide lost wax casting services for everything from decorative character busts for your home or memorial statues for local parks. Our investment casting art experts will always have the right piece for you made to your exact specifications. 

Quality Castings provides bronze statue and metal sculpture making from our world-class foundry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We create a wide range of unique art pieces, including:

Every single one of our pieces of art is made with multiple alloys and colors, creating a one-of-a-kind piece you can be proud to display. No matter the amount of detail you want to be made into your part, Quality Castings is the company for you – contact us today to learn more.

Contact the precision investment casting specialists at R2 Quality Castings for a quote on custom cast artwork.