Bronze Memorial Statue

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Precision Investment Casting Specialists produce Lifelike Statue

This intricate bronze memorial sculpture showcases our precision investment casting specialists’ capabilities. They incorporated advanced near net casting techniques and utilized multiple alloys to craft an exquisite statue. The detail in the clothing, rosary and delicate roses on her feet are all products of the precision investment casting process.

At R2 Quality Castings, we guarantee all of our products are manufactured to the highest quality and feature incredible durability. This beautiful statue will be a comforting sight for many years.

We begin the fine art precision investment casting process using lost wax casting to create an accurate prototype. This prototype is then used to create a detailed mold. After the mold is completed, the precision casting process begins.  By incorporating multiple alloys, R2 Quality Castings team of specialists were able to create a lifelike, detailed memorial statue.

R2 Quality Castings has been providing a wide variety of industries with top quality castings and custom products for decades. Our dedicated team of skilled precision investment casters has the ability to fabricate a wide range of products from small plumbing components to large statues.

R2 Quality Castings is dedicated to providing our customers with the best precision investment casting and product fabrication services. Rely on the experts at R2 Quality Castings for everything from fine art sculptures to industrial propellers.

Investment Casting Services for Artwork

You can visually-stunning pieces of art custom made for your particular application. No matter the shape or size of your piece, we finish our art products with precision and quality guaranteed. 

We create unique metal statues and other art pieces, including:

Contact our precision investment casters for custom fine art sculptures.