Custom Cast Components

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Precision Investment Casting for Your Company’s Fixtures 

The professionals at R2 Quality Castings cast a variety of components and fixtures for industrial applications. We take pride in our exceptional precision investment casting, quality verification testing, and part design services. We have decades of experience in creating superb quality precision investment cast components for many different industries, including military applications, food processing, wastewater treatment, and more. 

We manufacture a wide variety of custom components, including:

  • Sink fixtures
  • U-pipes
  • Toilet components
  • Shower fixtures
  • Food production components
  • And much more

Top-Grade Precision Cast Components Made by People Who Care

R2 Quality Castings specializes in high-quality precision investment casting services used in many different manufacturing and production industries, including propeller casting and production services for the food processing and mixing industries and product design services for custom cast components. With over 40 years of precision investment casting and custom product development experience, R2 Quality Castings is your best source for thoroughly dependable component casting services!

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